Common HVAC Mistakes You Should Avoid in the Fall

Heating and air conditioning systems are most efficient when they’re well-maintained. Before winter arrives, you need to make sure your equipment is in good shape so you’ll stay comfortable throughout the colder months of the year. With an efficient HVAC system, you’ll enjoy a cozy home and save on energy costs.  

Common HVAC Mistakes You Should Avoid in the Fall

Here are the typical HVAC mistakes you should avoid this fall: 

Forgetting to change the settings of your thermostat. A common mistake homeowners make when it comes to their HVAC system is leaving the thermostat setting the same throughout the year. When you do this, your equipment will have to work harder than it should to regulate indoor temperatures. As a result, your heating and cooling costs may increase. The added load will also put stress on your equipment, reducing its lifespan and efficiency. 

Skipping air filter changes. Air filters in your HVAC system help keep the air you breathe at home as clean as possible. They’re also essential for optimal HVAC performance. These filters need to be replaced every one to three months, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to do so could restrict airflow in your HVAC system and allow harmful air pollutants to circulate your living spaces. It’s especially important to regularly change your filters if you have pets or if someone in the family has allergies or respiratory problems. If you don’t know how to clean or replace your filters, you can always seek assistance from an experienced heating service provider. 

Not addressing ductwork leaks. Ductwork circulates conditioned or warm air throughout your house. When the ducts leak, air won’t be able to reach your living spaces. If this is the case, your HVAC system will need to exert more effort to achieve the desired temperature.

Blocking vents with furniture, decor or rugs. Is there furniture or other items blocking the vents around your house? If so, make sure to remove them so they don’t prevent air from flowing properly through your rooms. 

Whether you need a new heating system or indoor air quality testing, Reliable AC & Heat is here to help. You can count on us for the best heating and cooling services. Call us at (818) 423-4285 or fill out our contact form to request a service.  

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