Heat Pumps: How Do They Work and Why Are They Special?

The heat pump is one of the most sought-after HVAC units today. It can replace both an old furnace or boiler and a low-performance air conditioner, providing heating and cooling on its own. Usually, it needs to be integrated into a forced-air system to regulate the climate of the entire house, but for a room that isn’t connected to the existing ductwork, a mini split heat pump is a viable option.

To find out what gives heat pumps the edge over furnaces, boilers and air conditioners, understand how they work first:

Harnessing Heat from Surrounding Sources

Heat pumps collect heat from the air or the ground and move its output inside the house, using only electricity to warm up rooms. They can generate a lot of savings and pay for themselves over time. They eliminate the need to burn gas or heating oil and perform at a fraction of the cost to operate conventional heating and cooling units.

By design, heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient. The only threat to their efficacy is the limitation of available heat in the environment.

Providing Consistent Comfort

While the output of furnaces and boilers is more intense than that of a heat pump, the latter has been proven to provide warmth evenly. In other words, they leave no cold spots. Also, most of today’s models don’t blow cold air when defrosting their coils.

If you buy a #products-30“>geothermal heat pump, you won’t have to worry about an inconsistent supply of heat. Compared to the temperature of outside air, that of the ground is more constant and therefore more reliable.

Minimizing Maintenance

All heat pumps need care and attention, but ground-source systems are generally associated with minimal upkeep. The fact that some of them are installed underground means the weather can’t accelerate their wear and tear.

Choose the Right Ducted or Mini Split Heat Pump for Your Home

Reliable AC & Heat offers different types of heating equipment, including mini split heat pump systems. Let us determine whether you’re a good candidate for a heat pump to maximize its potential. Call us at (818) 423-4285 or complete this form to discuss your space-heating needs.

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