Common HVAC Terms You Need to Remember

Whenever something goes wrong with your furnace or air conditioning unit, you should immediately contact certified HVAC technicians. Once they’re in your home or business, you are sure to overhear some technical terms you might not be fully aware of. That said, expand your terminology knowledge by learning common HVAC jargon terms that residential and commercial HVAC service companies use.

Common HVAC Terms You Need to Remember

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

Also known by its acronym MERV, it refers to the efficiency of the filter to capture and remove the various particles floating in the air. The higher the value, the more efficient it is. When you are looking to change the filters of your HVAC system, be sure to take this into account. MERV 13 to 16, for instance, are suitable for homes where individuals living in them have allergies or respiratory ailments.


They are also widely known as vent covers. These important components are found in the inlets and outlets of your ductwork. The louvers or angled slats of the covers help the air flow to all the right places in your home. These are also easily adjustable, allowing you to control the movement of warm or cold air to your liking.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Also known as SEER for short, it is a rating that measures the overall efficiency of the air conditioner. Residential and commercial HVAC service providers take this into account before they consider installing an AC unit in homes and buildings. The SEER value is BTU per hour divided by the watts of electricity throughout the cooling season. The higher it is, the more cooling it provides for the amount of energy the air conditioner spends.

Load Calculation

This term refers to the amount of cooling and/or heating your home or business needs. Your HVAC technician performs this prior to sizing your HVAC system. Getting the calculations right helps prevent potential HVAC problems in the future and also ensure the longevity and overall performance of the whole unit.

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