3 Great Ways an Air Purifier Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

We’re often cautioned about the dangers of polluted outdoor air, but the air inside your home can actually be worse. Ventilating your home by opening the windows and running exhaust fans can help, but it may not be enough. For this reason, you should consider having a good air purification system installed. Here Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, a trusted heating and air conditioning company in the area, shares how an air purifier can improve your home’s indoor air quality.





Indoor Air Quality

Reduces allergy triggers. Dust and pet dander can circulate throughout your house. While they don’t affect everyone, these contaminants often trigger allergy symptoms in people more sensitive to them. HVAC filters can help remove some of these airborne substances, but you’ll need a good air purifier to take care of the rest. Taking dust, pet dander and other allergens out of the equation means you can breathe easier and more comfortably while spending time indoors.

Captures viruses and germs. In addition to washing your hands regularly, you can better protect yourself from airborne bacteria and viruses by investing in a quality air purifier. The expert in indoor air quality testing, Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, can help you with this. Check out our Carrier® Infinity® Whole-Home Air Purifier, which uses Captures & Kills® technology to trap and eliminate airborne pathogens that can cause colds and flu. 

Gets rid of microbial growth. It’s not just airborne contaminants that compromise indoor air quality–excess moisture can also build up inside your home and encourage mold growth. There are plenty of health risks associated with mold spore exposure, but you can avoid them by choosing an air purifier with the right filtration system. Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating can help you select the option that works best for your needs.

Whether you need professional heating service or high-quality indoor air quality solutions, look no further than Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. With our exceptional selection of air purifiers from trusted industry name Carrier, we’ll help you maintain a safer, healthier home. Call us today at (818) 423-4285 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve the areas in and around North Hollywood, CA.

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