4 Things You Need to Know About HVAC Quotes

No matter how big or small your HVAC needs, you’ll need to compare several installation or service quotes before committing to a contractor. In today’s post, local heating service contractor Reliable AC & Heat discusses some things you need to know about HVAC quotes.

HVAC Quotes

Bids, quotes and estimates are all different. Most people use the terms “quote”, “bid” and “estimate” interchangeably, even though they’re not the same. A quote is similar to an estimate in that they both reflect the approximate cost of the project. The final project cost may end up higher or lower depending on factors like unforeseen repairs. A bid, on the other hand, reflects the final project cost. Also, a quote or a bid becomes a contract once signed. An estimate does not.

You can revise a quote before you sign it. A heating and air conditioning quote isn’t set in stone until you sign it, which means you can have it revised in case you want something that works better for you, such as a different brand of air conditioner. A good HVAC contractor will have no problem making revisions, so be wary of those who exert pressure on you just to get you to sign sooner.

Look for warranty documentation. Warranties can impact a quote if the contractor offers options from more than one manufacturer. A reputable HVAC brand will likely have better warranties, though these will probably come at a higher price. HVAC technicians may also offer upgrades or extensions to their workmanship guarantees. Always review what’s covered in the quote and never make your choice based solely on the quoted cost.

Ask the contractor how a new HVAC system will impact your energy bills. A good contractor should be able to estimate the impact a new HVAC system will have on your energy consumption. You should see a significant cost reduction on your utility bill when you Install an air conditioner or heat pump with a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of at least 13.

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