Different Air Conditioning Options for You

Air conditioning technology has since improved over the years from when it was first introduced. Now, more units are energy-efficient and can cool an area using less electricity.

Using advanced technology means you have to choose the right system and model for your home.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

The easiest way to think about how this system works is to think of your home as a refrigerator. The unit takes in air from the outside, puts it through a compressor, then courses it along a coil that cools the air and then injects it into your home.

Depending on the strength of your cooling system, your air conditioning installation can change the temperature in the room with enough dispersed air.

What Are the Different Models of Air Conditioners?

Split Air Conditioners

This type of cooling system uses one large compressor unit that is connected to another unit deep inside the home. The outside unit contains the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. The unit inside has the cooling coil, cooling fan, and control panel.

The compressor unit outside gets the air from around the house and pushes it through a compressor. Once it reaches the inside unit, it is then cooled and distributed to the home. Each room can have one inside unit all connected to an outside compressor.

Packaged Air Conditioner

For this type of air conditioner, you can have either one large unit that has the capacity to cool the entire home or set of rooms from that one single machine. This basically works the same as a split system, but instead of having a part outside and one part inside, you just have one. Another subtype of this involves one large machine in one case, which then feeds the cooled air to various rooms through ducts.

Help! Which Do I Choose?

It’s quite normal to have difficulty choosing the unit that suits your home or apartment the most. If you have a professional helping you choose, it won’t be that difficult. Contact Reliable Air Conditioning and Heating for a free consultation on what your cooling and heating needs are in your home. You can also call us at (818) 423-4285 to know which system is best for your home.

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