How to Protect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit When Doing Yard Work

During the summer when the weather is nice, many people plan a number of activities. Some homeowners also take advantage of this time to take care of their yards and outdoor living spaces. When working outdoors in your yard, you should be careful not to damage your outdoor HVAC unit.

outdoor hvac unit

Here a trusted air conditioning installation company shares some easy, simple tips for keeping your outdoor equipment safe while tending your yard. 

Be mindful of flying grass clippings when mowing your lawn. When cutting the grass, always check where the clippings are heading. Point your mower in a direction that won’t cause the cut grass to end up in your outdoor unit. Grass clippings can clog your equipment and possibly cause damage. 

Don’t allow weeds to grow near the outdoor unit. Heating and air conditioning experts recommend keeping the grass near your outdoor unit trimmed back. If the location of the unit is prone to weeds, consider a chemical solution to prevent them from growing. Your outdoor HVAC unit can become inefficient if there are obstructions on or near it. 

Be careful of where you place your tools. Keep all tools, equipment and other gardening supplies away from your outdoor unit. Have a place for all these items and make sure they don’t get near your equipment. Like tall grass and debris, they can prevent your unit from working efficiently. 

Don’t allow debris to build up near the unit. Despite your best efforts, it’s still possible for debris from yard work to enter your unit. Turn off your unit, check if there’s debris and clean it out if there’s any present. However, if you don’t have experience with or knowledge of how to do this task, it’s best to leave it to professionals. 

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