The Importance of Good HVAC in Educational Facilities

Building occupants often associate their health concerns with poor environments. Schools and other educational facilities are no exception. Incorporate effective HVAC systems into the overall design of the building to combat health-related issues in schools.

Good HVAC in Educational Facilities

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Indoor Air Quality

Studies show that one in five children in American schools suffers from the effects of poor indoor air quality. Common symptoms include irritated eyes, nausea, headaches, fatigue, upper respiratory infections, or sleepiness. Poor IAQ also leads to student absenteeism. Eliminating the buildup of dust, bacteria, and mold in the air is essential to the health and productivity of students.


Since children breathe a greater volume of air than the average adult, adequate ventilation is crucial in school buildings and educational facilities. When these spaces are ventilated, contaminants from indoor air are removed and diluted. Such contaminants come from skin, clothes, shampoos, deodorants, building materials, and cleaning products. So to create an effective learning environment, consult a commercial cooling and heating service provider to improve building ventilation.

Temperature and Humidity

Both temperature and humidity affect the spread of microorganisms in a room. Bacteria and mold, for example, can directly impact the quality of air inside a facility. Furthermore, studies show that when it comes to mental tasks, students exhibit better performance in rooms kept at moderate levels of humidity and temperatures in the range of 68 to 74 degrees. In addition to the concentration and learning ability of students, thermal temperature also affects the ability of teachers to teach as well as their overall attitude toward their work.

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