Tips for Making the Most of Your Ductless Heat Pump

Heating your home at this time of year can be much more efficient when you install a ductless heat pump. To ensure you get the most out of this investment, you must take the appropriate steps to keep it working efficiently throughout its service life. Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, your trusted cooling and heating service provider, shares the following tips:

Ductless Heat Pump

Choose “heating” mode. The great thing about heat pumps is that they have modes for both heating and cooling, thus eliminating the need for additional HVAC systems. To achieve consistent comfort during the colder months of the year, always choose “heating” mode and set the temperature that works best for you. If you let your unit select the target temperature automatically, you run the risk of using both modes on the same day, compromising comfort and efficiency.

Adjust temperatures accordingly. A ductless heat pump is at its most efficient when it can maintain consistent temperatures. When adjusting the thermostat when leaving the house or getting ready to go to bed, be sure not to turn it down too low. Doing so will force the system to work harder when it’s time to bring the temperature back up again. Heating and air conditioning experts recommend setting it back about two to three degrees to maximize energy savings.

Open the interior doors. If you have a single-head ductless heat pump installed, it’s best to open your interior doors while it’s in operation. This way, the heated air reaches more rooms, ensuring that you get the most comfort out of your system.

Harness the sun. During the winter months, consider keeping the curtains open when you don’t need added privacy. The sunlight streaming through the windows will help warm up your house, which means less work for your ductless heat pump.

For all your heating and cooling needs, turn to Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. In addition to providing top-notch heating and cooling services, we also perform indoor air quality testing to ensure the health and comfort of everyone in your household. Call (818) 423-4285 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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