Why It’s Worth Investing in a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Air purifiers are one of the best ways to eliminate indoor air pollutants in your home. It’s never too late to install one, but if you’re planning to do it this season, choose between a whole-home system or a portable unit. Portable air purifiers may seem easier to use since there’s no labor needed to install them. However, an in-duct/whole-home system is often recommended if you want better indoor air quality throughout your home. Local cooling and heating service expert Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating shares more insight.

Whole-Home Air Purifier

What Are Their Main Differences?

A portable air purifier filters the air in one area of your home. It’s as convenient as it can be — plug it in and it will start cleaning the air within the space. While a portable air purifier is often more affordable than its whole-home counterpart, it’s not meant to cover the entire area of your home. You’ll need to move the unit if you want to clean the air in other parts of your home, which can be tiring, especially if it’s too heavy. Also, it can become noisy and take up a bit of your living space.

A whole-home air purification system, meanwhile, is installed directly in the air duct path of your central ventilation system. This is typically done by a professional heating and air conditioning technician, who can place it before or after the air handler of your central HVAC unit. It may be more expensive, but it is much more cost-effective since it offers long-term benefits.

Why Should You Get a Whole-Home Air Purifier?

Compared to portable units, whole-home air purification systems are much more effective in maintaining good indoor air quality. If you’re looking to install one for your home, we strongly recommend some of our best-selling whole-home systems such as the Infinity® Air Purifier and Carrier® Smart Air Purifier. They’re practically quiet while they run and are much more efficient than other models. They also help extend your HVAC’s expected lifespan while eliminating indoor air contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, and pet dander.

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