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What to Expect During AC Replacement

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat just to find that sweet spot of comfort? Or is your AC system making strange noises and raising your utility bills? It might be time for an AC replacement! In this blog post, we guide you through the process of choosing a new system, what to expect

How to Protect Yourself Against HVAC Scams This Spring

Heating and cooling services are in demand during spring, as property owners prepare for the warmer months. Like in any other industry, unscrupulous individuals will try to take advantage of this surge. Don’t be a victim — read on as Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating discusses how you can protect yourself from HVAC scams this season.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Loud?

Living in North Hollywood, CA, you know how important having a functional and efficient air conditioning unit is. But if your AC suddenly makes excessive noise, it can annoy you or disturb your neighbors. While some AC units produce more noise than others, the unit should be addressed as there could be an underlying problem

4 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Heating Repairs

HVAC systems are complex pieces of machinery that require regular maintenance and servicing to remain in optimal condition when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Over time, these units can develop problems leading to decreased efficiency, higher energy bills and system failure. This blog post will discuss four common signs of heating issues so you

Should You Set Your Heater to ON or AUTO This Winter?

When the weather in North Hollywood, CA, turns chilly, it’s time to think about turning on your heater. You have two options for setting your HVAC: ON or AUTO. It’s important to consider which one will work best for you before committing to a setting. 

How to Deal With an Iced-Up Heat Pump in Winter

You might have previously dealt with an iced-up heat pump if you live in an area prone to freezing temperatures in winter. Promptly addressing this issue is essential to save your heating and air conditioning equipment from damage. Read on to learn what causes this issue and what you can do about it. 

Why It’s Worth Investing in a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Air purifiers are one of the best ways to eliminate indoor air pollutants in your home. It’s never too late to install one, but if you’re planning to do it this season, choose between a whole-home system or a portable unit. Portable air purifiers may seem easier to use since there’s no labor needed to

Why Your Thermostat Is Not Reaching Your Desired Temperature

It could be concerning when your HVAC system is not working as expected. In some cases, there is nothing wrong with your heating and air conditioning, and your thermostat could be the culprit. Tweaking it might do the trick to make your living space more comfortable.  

The Importance of Good HVAC in Educational Facilities

Building occupants often associate their health concerns with poor environments. Schools and other educational facilities are no exception. Incorporate effective HVAC systems into the overall design of the building to combat health-related issues in schools.